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On the new moon of February 2019, I was directed to make healing protocols based in multidimensional consciousness available to the entire planet. With that in mind, I've created a Total Wellness meditation that is intended to support your healing process. Perhaps you have physical or emotional pain that you are ready to transmute? I invite you to purchase the meditation and engage with it daily for the next two weeks.

The human population is undergoing a rapid advancement in the evolution of our consciousness. This meditation is one small way in which we will begin to reclaim our birthright to health and happiness. It is designed to activate your own self-healing. It is only 3 minutes long and can be used daily.

If you're ready to purchase the Total Wellness protocol, please click the purchase button at the top right-hand side of this page. 

Directly after payment, you will receive a few emails: 1) asking you to "claim your course" and 2) your purchase receipt. Please claim your course when you are able, as this will set your login information, and guide you to your login where you may access your content.

Upon logging in, you will receive a pre-protocol intake form. Once you submit your responses, the protocol and meditation will become available.

Then, within a day or two, and then again ten days after, you will receive post-protocol surveys. I greatly appreciate you willing to provide us with feedback so that my team and I can further define this emerging technology and its impact. As a thank-you gift from me for taking the time to fill out these surveys, you will receive in your program area my Daily Grounding & Clearing meditation (it will appear like magic once you have submitted the final questionnaire). People have told me this meditation alone has changed their lives. 

With LOVE,



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