Spring Equinox 2020 Meditation

As global changes sweep the world, we are seeing the human population  go through this same painful process of deconstruction of the status  quo. We are also seeing something beautiful: the rare event of everyone  on the planet being united through this shared experience and singular focus. Unity consciousness is on the rise!

This is an opportunity  to draw ourselves closer together in our collective consciousness.  Beyond being French, American, Chinese, etc. we are all human first.  This is the perfect time for you as a wayshower to hunker down and hold a higher vibrational harmonic of love for everyONE on the planet.

In this live meditation event on March 19, 2020, we did a lot of personal and collective work during  this meditation, with guidance from the Arcturian guides and Gaia herself.

This meditation isn't time bound, so it's as relevant today as it will be in  ten years from now. However, with the current state of deconstruction  of many of our societal structures, this time is better than ever. Do it  for yourself. Do it for all of humanity. Do it for Gaia!

Course Syllabus

Spring Equinox Meditation

Was just amazing more then I ever dreamed it would be feeling awesome. Thank you so much, Aja! — Participant, Spring Equinox Event
I released a deep rooted fear and today it appears to literally be gone. Thank you so much!! — Participant, Spring Equinox Event
So powerful I found that I couldn't sit up, I had to lay back. There were tears and emotional release that turned into giggles. It was beautiful. Thank you to Aja and her tribe of Divine beings. — Participant, Spring Equinox Event
Just wanted to thank you so much for your beautiful work. I was glad to participate on this Equinox Meditation and have been following your messages for some time. It was really powerful and activated me profoundly (or maybe we as a collective, activated the planet at the same time). Anyways. By the end of this meditation, I could really understand the power and impact of such act done with clear field and open heart. Thank you! — Participant, Spring Equinox Event

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