Master Class | Be Your Own Guru

Dear Wayshower,

Do you dream of a better world, a New Earth, in which people experience more enlightened ways of living?

Maybe you know deep down that you have an epic role to play in ushering in these new ways, but you feel disconnected or blocked from the clarity you seek about that role.

You’re thinking, “Yes, this resonates. But, now what? What am I supposed to do? I would do it if I knew!”.

In this powerful 2-part masterclass, I’m excited to teach you the steps I take every day to channel my Higher Guidance and take aligned action in order to live out my soul purpose in extremely fulfilling ways. 

I will be sharing some of the most transformative knowledge I've channeled for my clients in this hour-long masterclass. 

By the end of our time together, you will learn:

  • What has been holding you back from having greater clarity,
  • Four solid strategies to channel your inner guidance,
  • What you must do in order to step into your Soul Purpose work.

My field of consciousness is a powerful container for activation and transformation. You will experience the concepts directly through meditation.

You won’t be the same person after engaging with this class, for the better!

xoxo With LOVE, Aja

Course Syllabus

Master Class Part 1 | Experiential

Master Class Part 2 | Theory

That was amazing!! My heart and soul.. are in total bliss. I felts lots of energy coming in and out of my fingers. Thank you so much for this opportunity and all the amazing work that you do. — ,
I was sent to my knees with this meditation. I am looking forward to further knowledge , awareness and insight gleened from this experience. At the end of the meditation I felt lighter and more joyful than I have felt in a long time. Thank you so much! — ,
Thank you very much for sharing this. I am very grateful. I felt my heart chakra and a big release in my root chakra. When we connected to Gaia I had a visualisation of her surrounding the planet. I feel a stronger connection to Gaia now. I still have much clearing to do and you have set me on that path which is just what I needed — ,
Thank you so much! It was a powerful and timely experience and message. I am so grateful that I found you! Many blessings to you and your loved ones. — ,
When you shared your field with us, it lit me up like a Christmas tree! So much love and light! Thank you!! — ,

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